Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Last updated: January 05, 2015

Yes. In addition to paypal we accept interact e-transfer, check, money order, and cash payments.
Every site is made up of two components: the domain name, and the hosting server. The domain name identifies your website, and the hosting server is your own personal parking space on the internet. Domain names do not come with their own space, they are simply labels which allows your site to be identified. Therefore you not only need a name for your site, but you also need the digital realestate to house all your information.
Absolutely. Let us know you have an existing platform online, and we will ensure the migration is smooth and seamless for your visitors.
Yes. The packages have been designed to offer everything one may need to get started on the internet. If you have specific needs we can work together to create a package which will help address and solve your needs. We are happy to explore all possible avenues to provide you with the ultimate solution.
Our turn-around time largely depends upon the scope of the project. For a basic web package we are looking at a 2 week turn-around provided all the content and inputs are provided on time. For a professional web package the turn around can be upwards of two months depending upon the agreements between the two parties. We are here to ensure the highest level of service is provided in the quickest amount of time without rushing any quality. You will receive an estimated time of completion at the outset of every order.
To ensure you are happy with the work provided, we always require approvals during the design process. With these checkpoints in place we are able to offer a limited amount of revisals in order that you may be exceptionally satisfied with the work in question. Should you not approve, our team will work closely with your vision to effectively capture what you may have in mind provided it is within scope of the workorder.
We have setup our payment stucture in such a way that you are only paying for a portion of the work at a time. This way should you not want to continue, you may terminate the workorder and save from paying the invoice in full. With this in mind, each payment you make is non-refundable as it covers the hourly-rate of our staff providing the service, as well as any overhead expenses. This way we ensure both parties are happy with the direction of the project, and we can continue to provide you with exceptional service at the price agreed upon.

Please Note: Any termination of work automatically forfeits all designed asset ownership back into the hands of Aelius Unlimited. Should a large package be ordered, and a segment of work completed which the user would like to retain ownership of yet terminate the rest of the contract, the payment structure would then change according to the work provided.

If you need more updates than what has been outlined in your contract, Aelius Media is available to provide these at flat hourly rate of $50/hr.
If you need more than one project implemented we can definitely work out a pricing structure which works for both parties.
Yes we can. Contact us for more information.
Yes. We are able to provide photography and videography for many different budgets depending on your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.
Yes we are able to set up a structure payment which may work within your current financially limitations.
Yes. We are more than happy to set up your online store.
This depends upon the solution provided, and your own knowledge of the chosen platform - html, wordpress, joomla, shopify, etc.
We will send you an email outlining the steps needed to setup your new email address on your phone, the web, and your home computer.
Yes. You can purchase this for family or friends. We will send a gift email to your recipient with a link for them to fill out their own information.
Content, content, and more content. The pages you want, high quality unique pictures, informative and engaging video, professionally written content, your color scheme, logo, corporate information, contact information, etc. Contact us today for a consultation.
We will ensure your site gets indexed by google in the most professional manner possible using seo tactics and rich snippets. Contact us for more information.
A branding package consists of a corporate logo for your business, along with a color scheme, variation designs, and tag line information.
Our hourly rate is $50/hr.
First through our web form. Upon submission of a quote request or question you will gain access to our email address which is our preferred and most accessible point of contact.

If you have any questions not addressed here, please contact us